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Appointment Information
You must have an appointment in order to see Dr. Reldan. You can schedule an appointment over the phone by calling the doctor directly on her cell at (858) 349-0613. Another option is to contact Dr. Reldan via email at jreldan@san.rr.com.

How Long Will It Take?
A standard appointment with Dr. Reldan will last 60 minutes. However, there are some circumstances when a longer visit may be required. For example, when scheduling a complete female physical exam, including Pap smear, or the male equivalent—a complete physical including prostate exam—the doctor requests that you allow for two full hours.

New Patients
If this is your first visit to Dr. Reldan's office, you will need to fill out a few standard forms. You are encouraged to print out these forms prior to your visit. Fill them out, and bring them with you to your appointment.

Dr. Reldan also requests that you bring all your medications (in their original bottles or packaging) to her office with you -- to every appointment, not just the first one -- including not only all prescription medications that you take, but also any non-prescription drugs such as aspirin, vitamins, supplements, etc.

Parking is available in the garage underneath the building at a cost of $1/hour by using the machine near the elevator. Make a note of your parking space number, then enter it in to the machine. Press OK, then select a minimum of 2 hours. The machine accepts cash or Visa/MasterCard. Once it has received your payment, it will print out a validation ticket. You must return to your car and place the ticket on the dash before taking the elevator up to the third floor.

It is also possible to park on the street. There are no parking meters in La Jolla, so parking on the street is free. Be careful not to exceed the posted time limit to avoid a parking ticket.

Prescription Refills
Prescriptions are filled within 48 hours. Please ask your pharmacy to fax the refill request to both (858) 459-6605 and (858) 454-1143 at least 48 hours before it is needed. Due to strict governmental guidelines, Dr. Reldan cannot authorize refill of a California security prescription (for example, sedatives, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, pain medications, etc.) without first conducting an in-office examination.

Cancellation Policy
If you have made an appointment that you subsequently need to cancel or change, please do so at least 24 hours before the day and time of the original appointment. You can cancel an appointment by calling Dr. Reldan's cell phone at (858) 349-0613 and/or by email to jreldan@san.rr.com. Anyone who has not canceled 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment, will be billed at the full rate of $200.00. This fee must be paid before future appointments can be scheduled.




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