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About Dr. Reldan

Dr. Jane Reldan is a Board Certified Family Physician with over 35 years of experience practicing medicine. She is one of the former Chiefs of Family Practice at Sharp Memorial Hospital, in addition to having served seven years as the Medical Director of the Telluride Medical Clinic in Telluride, Colorado.


Dr. Reldan is a graduate of the seven-year combined B.Sc./M.D. program at McGill University in Montreal, where she earned her B.Sc. in 1972 and her M.D. in 1974. She then completed a rotating internship at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, before starting in private practice in California in 1975.

After 17 years of running a busy practice in Tierrasanta, Dr. Reldan moved to Telluride, Colorado, with her late husband, John McCarron, Ph.D., in 1995. They spent an idyllic decade together in Colorado, which unfortunately came to an abrupt conclusion following Dr. McCarron's death from a brain tumor in 2003.

It was only weeks before the tragic death of her husband that Dr. Reldan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Six months later she was found to have a serious heart arrhythmia which required open heart surgery to correct it.

Today, more than ten years later, following successful open heart surgery and the complete remission of the cancer, Dr. Reldan is in excellent health. She exercises regularly; her favorite activities include ocean swimming, deep powder skiing in winter, and walking 5 miles several times per week.

Dr. Jane Reldan believes that the doctor-patient relationship is the most important element in medicine. She is passionate about advocating for this. She is a Voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCSD School of Medicine in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, where she teaches third-year medical students in her office weekly. She also volunteers the first Saturday of each month in Tijuana at the International Health Collective, a premedical-student-run free clinic whose goal is to meet the healthcare needs of underserved populations. Dr. Jane is multilingual: in addition to English, she is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Since 2015, Dr. Jane Reldan has served as President of the Seal Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the harbor seal rookery at Casa Beach in La Jolla for the enjoyment and educational benefit of children, and for the ecological, historic, and scenic benefits to all. The Seal Conservancy is committed to supporting the City of San Diego’s protections for the La Jolla seals: the winter beach closure for the 5 months of harbor seal pupping season; and the viewing guideline rope to help separate people and seals during the warmer seven months of the year.

Dr. Jane Reldan welcomes all patients, both new and old. She is honored by your confidence and trust and appreciates referrals of friends and family.





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